The motif of Daesung MDI’s CI is a toothed gear that symbolizes
the organizational power of employees, who are like one big family.

The overall shape is an enlarged image of two interlocking toothed gears.
The blue toothed gear on the left represents blue sky, symbolizing the company’s environmentally friendly management,
and the grey gear on the right represents mountains with a rich deposit of resources, symbolizing our ongoing research in resource development.

Daesung MDI CI Video

The video introduces the background to the creation of the CI

Promise with customers and trust ··································· PROMISE
Environmentally friendly industry and environmental protection ····· ENVIRONMENT
Integration and harmony between employees ················· ·······HARMONY

These express the 3 motifs.

The meaning of MDI

Stands for ‘mining’.
Also represents ‘mineral’, ‘material’,
and the love of Daesung MDI for nature.

Stands for development,
and also means discovery,
signifying a spirit of new discovery

The first letter of incorporated (Inc.).
It also means ‘inventive’, ‘innovation’,
and ‘improve’ to signify the unique, creative,
and innovative spirit of the company


The logo font type of Daesung MDI is used for the purpose of indicating the company name.
If the logogram cannot be applied, it can be used independently. Also, when it needs to be used in combination with the logogram, it can be used together.
When using the font type in combination with the logogram, it must be used according to the guidelines.

Format requirements

The signature of the complete company name takes a form that emphasizes the name of the company when used together with the logogram and logotype.
For correct application, please refer to the guidelines for coordination..

Color guidelines

CMYK _ 100. 38. 0. 64
RGB _ 0. 58. 99

PANTONE Cool Gray 8c
CMYK _ 0. 1. 0. 43
RGB _ 161. 160. 164

CMYK _ 33. 3. 0. 95
RGB _ 22. 39. 50